“The most important thing is not clicking the shutter.
It is clicking with the subject.”
Alfred Eisenstadt

Why am I making these photographs?
Because I have to…
I make photographs because these places matter to me. I find peace and inspiration in these places. I remember vividly the sense of connection and meditation I experience, long after the exposure is made and the print is produced. The photographs give some shape to a mystical incidence when the heart, the mind, the eye and the light come together into focus. They bring back from this journey a reflection of how I felt.

“What if I had never seen this before?
What if I shall never see this again?”
Rachel Carson

I print my photographs. I can thus control the emotion and expression of these images from exposure to digital darkroom and then to print. The print is the ultimate form of expression of photographic art. These images are thus the full expression of my imagination and intention for the print.

I studied the art of photography at Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Montana and with living Masters Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant and George DeWolfe.
I am influenced by Michael Kenna, John Paul Caponigro, George Barr, Huntington Witherill and Brooks Jensen of LENSWORK, among others. These photographers have raised the bar in the art of photography. I also admire the art of Japan in its various forms.
I learnt the craft of print making from Jon Cone and Jeff Schewe.