LEAF TAPESTRIES I-5LEAF TAPESTRIES I-5Leaves creating beautiful pattern of color and texture.

A custom made print by the artist himself is the ultimate expression of the emotion and intent of the image as is visualized at the time of capture.

The communion with the subject is best expressed by the artist through careful darkroom work and print production.

I try to craft my prints to reproduce the feelings that I have, thoughts and ideas that race through my mind, when I stand in front of a scene, on location.

I use archival pigmented inks and papers to produce my own prints. Prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

There are many options available to you the viewer, for buying products  through high quality labs, in this website. Select the ‘BUY’ button in the header of each page and follow the instructions. If you would like a print made by me, please contact me for more information.